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Make Dynamic Infographics with Microsoft PowerPoint

Posted by on in How To

b2ap3_thumbnail_powerpoint_for_infographs_400.jpgNot only can Microsoft PowerPoint make great slideshows, it can also make engaging infographics. The latest trend in marketing is fairly simple: Visual content sells. Images and videos are the most popular way to take advantage of this. Infographics can offer your marketing campaign a combination of text and image, allowing your marketing content to be both engaging and informative.

b2ap3_thumbnail_software_licensing_current_400.jpgA business owner must understand the licensing status of their company's software, but this has grown more complicated since the inception of the Internet. If you feel like your employees, or maybe even your corporate culture survives off of pirated software or applications, or stuff you found "for free" online, then your business could potentially suffer from legal issues.

b2ap3_thumbnail_update_regularly_400.jpgSometimes, when complex systems are put into place, the simplest and most fundamental tasks seem to be neglected. Updating your business' software should not be avoided. Software updates help secure your network and provide your company with an extra competitive edge. Don't risk your company's strengths by neglecting your software updates!

b2ap3_thumbnail_windows400.jpgWe hope that this isn't the first time you've heard about Microsoft ending support for their popular Windows XP OS on April 8, 2014. Microsoft has been warning users of this "death date" for years, yet we still come across businesses and consumers that are just now getting the memo. You may have to help get the message out!

Tagged in: Software Upgrade Windows

Apple’s New OS X is Free for All!

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_mavs400.jpgOvershadowed by the new iPad Air and iPad Mini announcement, on October 22nd Apple launched its new Operating System OS X Mavericks. This new OS is sleek, efficient, and free. Wait, a free Apple product? Really? Yes really. Is this too good to be true? Let's take a look at this new OS and find out.

Don’t Trust Your Co-workers? Lock Your PC

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_lock400.jpgYour office might have the appearance of a warm and welcoming work environment, but deep down, you know that, behind the motivational posters and potted plants, your co-workers are dedicated to seeing your demise. To protect yourself, you will need to protect your workstation.

Organize Your Download Folder with DropIt

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_dropit400.jpgIf you are a heavy user of the Internet, then your Downloads folder is likely bloated with pictures, music, files, and whatever else you have picked up along your online journey. You may cringe every time you open it because of how messy it is. To help you out, there is a free utility called DropIt that will automatically organize your Downloads folder.

Fleksy Cures the Woes of Typing with Fat Fingers

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_flesky.jpgYou can do almost anything with a smartphone, except type a quick and accurate text message on a four inch screen. Even the best typist struggles with hitting the correct keys on a digital keyboard, and it doesn't help if you have a little extra mass on your fingers. A new app called Fleksy promises to cure the woes of smartphone typing.

Tagged in: Apps Software Users

Google Reader Refugees Take To Feedly

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_feedly400.pngThe expiration date for Google Reader is set for July 1, 2013. Google’s decision to axe the Reader was not because it was unpopular, but rather, it seems like Google wants to focus their energy into fewer products. This announcement leaves many Google faithful out in the cold, and Feedly has welcomed the Google huddled masses yearning to read free.

Tip: Use Macros to Save Your Place

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_MacroText400.jpgIf you are working on a document that is several pages long, then you know the frustration of getting lost in a sea of text. Often overlooked by the casual user, Macros are great productivity tools that can be utilized for several handy tasks, including giving you the ability to bookmark your work areas in a Word document.

4 Practices to Speed up a Slow Computer

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_snailslow400.jpgThere are dozens of PC tricks and procedures you can try in order to speed up a slow computer. Before you do something drastic like open your case and tinker around with the hardware, or reinstall your OS, or even call your friendly IT techs for a service call, you may first want to adopt these four PC practices that are guaranteed to boost your computer's performance.

Tagged in: Saving Money Software

Tip: Download a Windows 8 Start Button for Free

Posted by on in IT Blog

Classic.jpgThe new Windows 8 OS has received strong reviews on performance, and complaints in regards to the new interface. The main gripe is that the new tile layout is too different than the older versions of Windows, due in no small part to the lack of a start button. Leave it to third party software developers to build a solution.

Tip: Work without a Keyboard or Mouse

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_One-Note.jpgHave you ever found yourself in a situation where either your keyboard or mouse fails? It can be frustrating to have such a crucial piece of equipment breakdown, but it does not mean that you have to stop working. Windows has keyboard and mouse settings that you can use to keep yourself working without a keyboard or a mouse.

Take, Edit, and Share Screenshots with Lightshot

Posted by on in IT Blog

lightshot10.jpgTaking screenshots of your desktop is infinitely useful (including when you get a strange error that you can't seem to repeat when IT is standing by).. Although the process of taking a screenshot has always felt a bit more cumbersome than it needs to be due to the additional steps of opening editing software, formatting the image, and saving the file. Lightshot is a solution that simplifies the entire screenshot process.

4 New Features of Microsoft Excel 2013

Posted by on in IT Blog

excel.jpgDoes it feel like your new Windows 8 OS is missing something? It might be because Microsoft Office 365 is not out yet; it is scheduled to be released Q1 of 2013. The updated Office applications have been overhauled to flow with Windows 8, and we want highlight five of these new features found specifically in Excel 2013.

Tagged in: Excel Microsoft Software

Managed IT Service Prevents Costly Repairs

Posted by on in IT Blog

repairs.jpgDo you have a plan in place for when your technology breaks or crashes? As wonderful as computers are, the hardware wears down, and software can become buggy and crash. Having a go-to plan in place for IT hiccups, will save you time and frustration from having to react to a problem and scramble to find a fix.

Tagged in: Hardware Software

What’s New with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Posted by on in IT Blog


Riding the hype wave from the launch of Windows 8 is the newest version of Microsoft Office. Scheduled for release during Q1 of 2013, Office 365 has significant upgrades and new features in line with the revamp of Windows 8. We will showcase a few of these improvements by looking at 5 new features for PowerPoint 2013.

Tagged in: Microsoft Software
Over the past two decades, the Portable Document Format (PDF), developed by Adobe Systems, has become the industry standard for clean and secure documents. There are many PDF-viewing applications available across the various app markets. However, you can't go wrong with Adobe's sleek-looking and versatile PDF reader, Adobe Reader X.

Tagged in: Mobile Office Software

File Sharing Options to Consider

Posted by on in IT Blog

It's the information age. If you are always on the go, or you work as a member of a team, it helps if your work is accessible remotely. The ability to have relevant files on hand is nice and at times can be essential to the welfare of your business. Below are a few cloud-based options that could offer you or your company a solution for your remote file access needs.

Pirates Ahead, Be Ye Warned!

Posted by on in IT Blog

"Ahoy ye swabbies! We be takin' heavy damage on the starboard side! Brace ye-selves for impact! Arrrr!" That is pirate talk for "Hello fellow co-worker. Our CRM tools crashed again and IT needs to reboot the server." September 19th is Talk like a Pirate Day!

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