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b2ap3_thumbnail_mobile_device_management_400.jpgAs expected, mobile technology is a consistent part of daily business operations for many companies around the world. Employees love taking advantage of the mobility these devices offer, making their home office just as useful as their in-house workstation. However, a mobile device management solution needs to be strictly adhered to in order to optimize security and guarantee that a stray smartphone doesn’t expose your data to unexpected eyes.

b2ap3_thumbnail_is_your_community_involved_400.jpgIt’s important for a business to be connected with their community. Even if you have a global market, it’s still important to invest in the city you’re headquartered in. It’s where you and your employees live, and if you can build relationships and connect with other organizations in your community, only good things can come from it.

Here are three easy ways your business can become more involved and respected within your community.

3 Relevant Concerns for Small Businesses

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b2ap3_thumbnail_bigdoor400.jpgYou don't need us to tell you that running a small business has its inherent difficulties. There are all types of factors that could literally destroy everything that the hardworking people in your organization have accomplished. The problem is that these situations aren't limited to just disasters such as flood or fire. Below are three factors that may wreak havoc with your small business in 2013.

Leave a Big Business Impression with VoIP

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b2ap3_thumbnail_VOIP400.jpgMany small businesses are switching their phone systems to Voice over Internet Protocol and seeing dramatic savings over traditional phone plans, especially when it comes to long distance charges. Once the switch to VoIP is made, small businesses are discovering there are more benefits to VoIP that make their business appear bigger and more professional!

INFOGRAPHIC: March 31st is World Backup Day

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b2ap3_thumbnail_worldbackupday1.jpgDon't be an April Fool.  Data backup is extremely important for businesses.  If your data isn't backed up, or your backup solution isn't properly tested and maintained, your data could be at risk.  That's why March 31st is World Backup Day!  Check out and share the infographic and ask yourself, what would you do if you lost everything?


Hello Computer

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_FutureAhead400.jpgEvery generation improves the technology of the previous generation. Sometimes technology can improve at such a rapid rate that it can make other technologies obsolete. It takes a bit of know how to determine which technologies will last and which ones are just fads. We are here to help you make sense of all of these rapid changes.


How to Catch PC Issues and Prevent Problems

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_notnowwhen.jpgWe are not guaranteed a life without problems. Problems will happen and your plans will be ruined (okay, it's not ALWAYS that bad!). While you can't totally eliminate problems from life, you can greatly reduce them by being proactive. This proactive problem solving approach also works great with technology!

Leave PC Maintenance to the Pros

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_ComputerIT400.jpgComputers have been designed to be easy and intuitive to use. Just about anybody can figure out how to open files and browse the Internet, but PCs are still complicated machines that require technical knowledge to fix and maintain. When it comes to the technical stuff, it's better to leave it to the pros.

b2ap3_thumbnail_NowOrLater400.jpgProcrastinators of the world unite... tomorrow! Many people who feel the constant and crushing pressure of deadlines, and who have a habit of being late with deadlines, would identify themselves as procrastinators. Stanford professor John Perry has discovered a method to use procrastination as a tool to get more done, he calls this structured procrastination.

Streamline Printing with a Print Server Solution

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_printer400.jpgDespite having more paperless solutions at our disposal, it looks like offices will always have the need for a printer. Maybe you are not quite ready to take the great paperless leap, but you can reduce the amount of resources and power consumed from using your printers with the help of a print server solution.

The Popularity of the Fax Machine

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_faxmachine400.jpgIt always feels a bit peculiar to come across a fax machine still being used in the modern office. With all of our digital advancements, the fax machine should have gone the way of the floppy disk. Contrary to common sense, it is estimated that there are 131 million fax machines still in operation around the world.

b2ap3_thumbnail_voip-introduction400.jpgIn business, you will gladly take every advantage that you can in regards to communications. This is because better communications will positively impact everything you do. Switching your phones system from a traditional carrier to a Voice over IP (VoIP) internet solution will not only give your business a communications edge, but also save you 50-70% on your phone bill.

Calculate Your Downtime

Posted by on in IT Blog

Does it sometimes feel that business is going well, yet your bottom line is taking a hit? If time is money, then downtime is anti-money, and downtime may be your biggest budget buster. To help you determine exactly how much your IT downtime is costing you, we have two mathematical formulas you can apply to your business.

The Fall of the Mighty Fax Machine

Posted by on in IT Blog

If Back to the Future's Marty McFly time traveled to the modern office, he would probably feel a little disoriented. He would see employees squinting at little televisions, mobile devices right out of Star Trek, and no rows of file cabinets. Then Marty would notice a fax machine and feel right at home, because fax machines have been around forever.

Tagged in: Data Small Business

In the market for a new computer service provider? Choosing a company to service your technology is a decision that carries a little more weight to it than, let's say, finding someone to trim your hedges. This is because you are essentially handing over access to all of your company's sensitive information to somebody else.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Building Success

Posted by on in IT Blog

Success is what you make of it, and everybody has a different definition of what success is. Whether your goals are to revolutionize your industry or simply earn enough to provide for yourself and your family, building success is a step by step process.

8 Ways to Reduce your Printing Expenses

Posted by on in IT Blog

Someone is laughing their way to the bank when it comes to printer ink prices, but it isn't small businesses. A gallon of printer ink can cost a minimum of $2,000. Granted, Washington DC small businesses usually don't purchase a gallon of ink at a time. Suddenly, walking to the office printer and finding two copies of a 50-page .PDF file that had been printed accidentally and left for recycling would take on new significance.

Does it seem like every day your network is suffering from a different issue? How about the same old issues that keep coming back? Think about how much time is wasted every day while you and your employees have to cope with viruses, malware, and oddball technology issues. What if we told you there is an easy solution that will eliminate 99% of these problems?

What is Desktop Virtualization?

Posted by on in IT Blog

Desktop virtualization is a method in which one machine can run more than one Operating System at the same time regardless of architecture requirements. There are two models of Desktop Virtualization that will be discussed here: Local Virtualization and the Client/Server Virtualization Model.

Small business owners and Entrepreneurs wear many hats. They have certain strengths and a drive to make money using the skills that they have. But there are many facets to running a business. Someone needs to do the accounting, the networking, inventory, manage employees, do sales calls and more. Then, someone needs to manage the technology.

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