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How Cloud Computing Frees Up Funds for Your Business

Posted by on in Cloud

b2ap3_thumbnail_cloud_savings_400.jpgFrom the perspective of a business owner, spending money on technology is an investment that one hopes to see a return on (ROI). After the initial investment is returned, then all funds generated by the technology are sweet profit--which is the driving goal for every business. One technology that’s the most capable of driving profits for business is cloud computing.

4 Benefits of Virtualizing Your Desktop

Posted by on in Technology

b2ap3_thumbnail_hosted_desktop_solutions_400.jpgDesktop virtualization isn't necessarily a new subject, but it is something that has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and it's easy to understand why. Instead of keeping your desktop in physical form on your computer, it's becoming more reliable to just keep it safe and secure on a hosted server. This takes care of most physical problems that computers often deal with, such as a sudden crash or old age.

b2ap3_thumbnail_this_is_voip_400.jpgAs technology grows more and more complex, the usefulness of your business's landline is declining. There are just plain better ways of communicating - cell phones are much more portable, and the Internet allows people to communicate with others while taking care of other work. One of the best ways to communicate over the Internet is by using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which provides the best of both worlds for those stuck in the landline age.

b2ap3_thumbnail_start_button_400.jpgStarting a new business is a huge undertaking that's highly demanding. Wishy washy people need not apply. An individual starting a new company will need to take into consideration every possible scenario and make plans for it as best they can. Taking advantage of the right technology from the very beginning will make starting a new business much easier.

How IaaS is Shaping Modern IT

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_iaas_and_your_business_400.jpgThe International Data Corporation (IDC) recently stated that the fastest growing sector of cloud computing is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). IaaS allows technology end users to use Internet connections to tap into entirely virtualized computing systems in order to get their work done. This cloud service is changing the way we do IT. Is it time for your business to join in?

b2ap3_thumbnail_tincan400.jpgWired telephone service, also known as the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), is seemingly nearing their extinction. This is thanks to the more economical and convenient Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone option. Until recently, nearly every American home was connected to the PSTN, but by 2015, this option will see a 75% decrease. What does this mean for your business?

b2ap3_thumbnail_busyman400.jpgAs a busy person, you're constantly on the move. The downside of being busy is that you sometimes miss important phone calls, even if you there are a dozen different ways to reach you. VoIP provides you with a solution to help you never again miss a call with a feature called Presence.

3 Ways Green Technology Can Help Your Business

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_greengears400.jpgToday's business environment is environmentally conscious. Companies that implement green policies and use energy-saving technologies are making a positive impact on the environment. Going green is the responsible thing to do and will also positively impact your business. Here are three ways using green technology can benefit your business.

How to Cut 25% Off Your IT Expenses

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_techy400.jpgWe've all learned in our Business 101 studies that cutting costs is an absolute priority of business operation. While there are plenty of products available that promise to save your business money, perhaps the easiest and most effective way is to downsize. Gartner Inc. reports that you can eliminate a quarter of your IT expenses by simplifying your IT network.

5 Solid IT Practices You Need to be Doing

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_itz400.jpgManaged IT services are designed to be an affordable solution to keep an organization's IT infrastructure running smoothly and minimize expensive downtime. To help you better understand how managed IT services can save your business money, let's look at five modern IT methods that our IT services are founded upon.

Is That Mobile Device Protection Plan Worth It?

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_shattereddreams400.jpgUpselling and add-ons are the reason why you go to buy a new smartphone, expecting to pay the too-good-to-be-true sale price, and walk out locked into a contract that costs twice as much as you planned on spending. One add-on that's pushed hard is the device protection plan (smartphone insurance). Is a protection plan worth the expense?

Tagged in: Saving Money

How Managed IT Services Works

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_weare400.jpgWhen you break down our IT Company, you will discover that we are about more than just computers. In fact, everything we do with technology is basically one big effort to help your business perform better and save you money!

b2ap3_thumbnail_ITCost400.jpgThere are many challenging aspects that come with running a business, but which aspect is the most difficult? According to a 2012 survey of small business owners by The National Federation of Independent Businesses, managing costs is the most difficult responsibility. We can help; our managed IT services turn technology into a predictable expense.

The Advantages of Business Technology

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_Save400.jpgAs a business, you do things differently than the mild-mannered consumer. Like paying bills, it’s not like a business can sit down for half an hour every month, write a few checks, and then be done with it. Businesses have employees whose major duty is paying bills. Technology is the same way, and businesses have different technology needs than consumers.

3 Technologies to Help Your Office Go Green

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_greenworld400.jpgApril 22, is Earth Day. What is your office doing to help save the planet? We talk a lot about business continuity, but none of that matters without Earth continuity. Here are three office technologies that will help your business go green.

See Big Energy Savings with Server Virtualization

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_Server-Virtualization.jpgYour electricity bill is the worst. This is because you know that it could be smaller if you only made a few adjustments to how you run the office. Little tricks like turning your lights off will save you money, but to really make a dramatic cut to your bill, you can virtualize your servers.

Have VoIP Answer Your Phones

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_VoIPIVR400.jpgThere are many advantages that come with switching your company's traditional phone system to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP uses the Internet to handle all of your communication needs; this can streamline your communications and save you 50-70% compared to a traditional phone plan. Not only can VoIP save your business operating costs, it can also make your company more efficient.

Make $ and Save $ with Webinars

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_DollarSign400.jpgIn business, the more ways that you can find to communicate your message to your customers, the further your reach will be, which will ultimately increase your bottom line. This reach-to-profit formula works even better when your communication tools are affordable and can save you operating expenses. A webinar is a great communications tool that will both save you money and make you money.

Know-it-All Managed IT Services

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_ImAnExpert400.jpgRemember being told as a kid that, "Nobody likes a know-it-all?" As an adult, while it is still true that nobody likes a braggart, it turns out that everybody loves an expert! Every professional is an expert within their field; and whenever a problem crops up that you may not be a know-it-all in, then you call in another expert.

3 Reasons Why a Help Desk is Helpful

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_helpdesk400.jpgAn IT help desk is a resource that will benefit any office. Knowing that you have a team of computer experts standing by to deal with any technology problem will keep everybody calm whenever an issue develops. You likely won't be calling the Help Desk every day but, should the need arise, you know that a solution will be found.

Tagged in: Help Desk Saving Money

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