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b2ap3_thumbnail_publisher_400.jpgSpell check makes spelling super easy. All you have to do is regurgitate a string of letters that halfway sound like the word you're thinking of and the red squiggly line will take care of the rest. Admittedly, spellcheck has turned most of us into lazy spellers, which is why it's crucial that your spell check settings are adjusted properly when using Microsoft Publisher.

b2ap3_thumbnail_word_2013_400.jpgMost people think of Microsoft Word as a normal word processor, and to an extent, that's exactly what it is. But did you know that Word 2013 has a built-in citation mechanism for your research needs? Say you are writing a white paper for marketing use, and you took specific statistics from a website. You want to make sure you cite these facts. Why? Because if you cite them, it makes your business look professional, and it looks good when you know how to credit someone else's work.

b2ap3_thumbnail_keyborad_shortcuts_400.jpgThe computer mouse makes navigating your PC easy. However, the mouse isn't always the most efficient way to get computer work done. By taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts, you can shave precious seconds off your workflow and wow your coworkers with your computer prowess. Here are five time-saving keyboard shortcuts to get you started.

3 Easy Tips to Improve Your PC’s Boot Up Time

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_turnon400.jpgImproving your computer's startup time is a great way to get more productivity out of your work day. Studies have shown that people are most productive during the early hours of the day; therefore, you don't want to waste your best hours waiting for a PC to load. Here are three easy tips you can do to improve your PC's boot up time.

End Your PowerPoint Presentation with Movie Credits!

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_ppcred400.jpgEverybody loves a pat on the back, especially after contributing to a great project. When you end your next PowerPoint presentation, don't just list your sources, give thanks to those who helped you in your research by epicly animating their names, movie credit style!

b2ap3_thumbnail_snack400.jpgWith office work, a lack of physical activity is often coupled with extra calories from mindless snacking. Office snacks are great for your appetite, but bad for your waistline. These extra calories require extra physical activity to burn off. If you understand how much exercise a little snack will ask of you, then you might think twice about eating it.

Tip: Improve Your Writing with Squigglies

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_password400.jpgUnless you are an English major, writing a well thought-out message without any spelling or grammatical errors can be a challenging task. There is not yet a technology that will transform a couple of bullet points into a detailed thesis paper, but Microsoft Word does include helpful tools that will improve the spelling and grammar for any aspiring writer.

b2ap3_thumbnail_TuneReplyAll_NewMessage2_20121214-061501_1.jpgThe Reply All feature of e-mail is both a tool of great convenience and great embarrassment. Not since the nuclear bomb button has there been a single button that can do so much damage. To help you avoid making this fatal mistake with your e-mail, we will share with you a free Outlook add-on called TuneReplyAll.

Tagged in: Email Quick Tips

Take, Edit, and Share Screenshots with Lightshot

Posted by on in IT Blog

lightshot10.jpgTaking screenshots of your desktop is infinitely useful (including when you get a strange error that you can't seem to repeat when IT is standing by).. Although the process of taking a screenshot has always felt a bit more cumbersome than it needs to be due to the additional steps of opening editing software, formatting the image, and saving the file. Lightshot is a solution that simplifies the entire screenshot process.

Tip: Good Filenames Will Save You Time

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_filenames10.jpgWhat feelings are conjured up by the phrase, "file not found?" If you are unable to locate an important file on your PC, you are going to have a bad time. Insult is added to injury when you cannot find a file that you created because you do not remember what you named it.

Weekly Tip: Email Attachment Shortcut for Outlook

Posted by on in IT Blog

emailattachmentred15.jpgChecking and replying to emails can be a drain of precious time in your day. For this week’s tip, we have a shortcut to share with you that will quickly attach a file to Microsoft Outlook; saving you the time of searching your documents in order to locate a certain file.

Tagged in: Email Outlook Quick Tips

Weekly Tip: Quickly Close All Windows Programs

Posted by on in IT Blog

How many different programs do you have open in Windows right now? Three? Five? More than ten? The more programs you have open at once, the longer it takes to close everything down. And what if you find yourself in a storm and need to shut down everything before a power outage strikes?

Tagged in: Quick Tips

Have you ever been working on your computer when suddenly a wild error appears? If you need to better explain your problem to tech support, snapping a quick screenshot can be super effective.

Tagged in: Quick Tips

5 Tips to Make Yourself a Better Presenter

Posted by on in IT Blog

Speaking to a crowd, especially one comprised of your peers or potential clients, is a nerve wracking experience. All too often, a speaker will put all his/her effort into a PowerPoint with graphics worthy of James Cameron or distracting animations that spin, sparkle, and pop. As the speaker, you're the focus. Here's a few tips to keep your audience captivated:

Tagged in: Marketing Quick Tips

Collaborate and Share Notes with Microsoft OneNote

Posted by on in IT Blog

If you use Microsoft OneNote for jotting down quick meeting notes, phone calls, and personal memos, you've probably had information you needed to share with other co-workers in your OneNote Notebook. This quick walk-through will show you how to set up a Shared Notebook that others can access and modify.

Creating Gmail Filters to Organize Your Email

Posted by on in IT Blog

Whether using email for work or pleasure, it is important to ensure that we receive the messages we want while avoiding spam and other junk. Furthermore, it is extremely useful for your email to be presorted into the appropriate folder for review. Here's how to create filters for one of today's most popular email services, Gmail:

Tagged in: Google Quick Tips

Like most business owners, you probably have a Facebook page set up for your organization. Like most people, you likely also use Facebook to communicate with friends and family. Here's a simple method for doing so seamlessly.

Gliffy Makes Building Flowcharts Easy

Posted by on in IT Blog

Ever need to put together a quick flowchart or diagram but the tools in Microsoft Word aren't quite giving you the results you need? Gliffy is a quick and easy online solution that's free and simple to use.

Tagged in: Quick Tips Software

Health for the Office

Posted by on in IT Blog

Do you work in an office and sit in front of a desk all day? Chances are, you have experienced back pain or tight shoulders. Maybe you get headaches from staring at the computer all day. Well today we will discuss some tips on how to reduce the negative effects that office work can have on your body. Working these tips into your day can have a dramatic effect on your mental and physical health and you will feel all the better for it.

Do you find yourself constantly navigating to a certain directory on your network to access the files you use the most? With this quick and easy tip, you can browse the contents of that folder with a single click without needing to dig around for it first.

Tagged in: Quick Tips

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