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b2ap3_thumbnail_mobile_device_management_400.jpgAs expected, mobile technology is a consistent part of daily business operations for many companies around the world. Employees love taking advantage of the mobility these devices offer, making their home office just as useful as their in-house workstation. However, a mobile device management solution needs to be strictly adhered to in order to optimize security and guarantee that a stray smartphone doesn’t expose your data to unexpected eyes.

2014 Technology Trends: Mobile Computing

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_mobile_device_trends_400.jpgThe advantage of staying on top of the latest technology trends is that your business can utilize the newest solutions designed to give your company the competitive edge. New technology makes doing business easier and increases profits. There are three hot technology trends in 2014 that you should know about. We've looked at two trends already, now to our third, mobile computing.

Is Square Cash the Future of Digital Payment?

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_squarecash400.jpgBy now the vast majority of people have settled into using the Internet as a 24-hour shopping center, where almost anything imaginable can be purchased and shipped right to your door. From goods to services, everything under the sun has a digital price tag. While most of us have used a credit card to buy something online, many of us have alternatively chosen a more secure option, especially when closing deals with individuals on online auction sites like eBay. That option has traditionally been PayPal, which in many ways, has helped to revolutionize the way people transfer money. In fact, PayPal has been so successful, and essential to eBay's success, that eBay bought the company in 2002.

5 BYOD Worst Case Scenarios You Need to Plan For

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_byodude400.jpgAs the mobile device market is booming, more employees are bringing in their own device to work (BYOD). Advantages to BYOD include a workforce that's mobile, increased employee satisfaction, and more; but using personal devices comes with risks, and business owners must consider these risks before allowing BYOD in their office.

5 Tips to Help a Cyborg Make a Good Impression

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_humanbot400.jpgThe fact that over half of all working adults own a smartphone is changing not only the way we do business, but also how we interact as a species. With the development of smart glasses and watches, we are seeing technology becoming even more intertwined with our bodies, effectively turning people into cyborgs.

Save Your A-Team with the Cloud

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_clizzy400.jpgYou have worked hard to gather and develop the perfect team and build a profitable business. It may have taken years to train your team in the intricacies of your business, and teach them to work together as a cohesive unit. Then life happens and messes up everything. When life hits, what can you do to save your team?

Live Longer by Telecommuting

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_telecommunte400.jpgHave you ever felt like your long commute is draining the life out of you? If you commute long distances to work, then there may be something to the phrase, “My commute is killing me.” Research has shown commuters die younger than those who live closer to their work. This is yet another reason to work from home.

What’s so Great about BYOD?

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_BOYDSync400.jpgBring Your Own Device (BYOD), is changing the look and feel of the modern office. As the ownership rate of mobile devices among American adults creeps closer to reaching 50%, more gadgets are showing up around the office, and they are being used to get work done! If you have yet to embrace BYOD in your office, then you will want consider these 3 advantages.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. The iPhone 5

Posted by on in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_iPhonevGal400.jpgThe smartphone market is possibly the most competitive in computing. It's no secret that Apple and Samsung are competitors. Earlier this year in California, a federal jury sided with Apple in a ruling that found Samsung infringed on software and design patents. When the two aren't duking it out in court, they are battling in the marketplace.

b2ap3_thumbnail_voip-introduction400.jpgIn business, you will gladly take every advantage that you can in regards to communications. This is because better communications will positively impact everything you do. Switching your phones system from a traditional carrier to a Voice over IP (VoIP) internet solution will not only give your business a communications edge, but also save you 50-70% on your phone bill.

Over the past two decades, the Portable Document Format (PDF), developed by Adobe Systems, has become the industry standard for clean and secure documents. There are many PDF-viewing applications available across the various app markets. However, you can't go wrong with Adobe's sleek-looking and versatile PDF reader, Adobe Reader X.

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Is the Apple iPhone 5 Built for Business?

Posted by on in IT Blog

September 21st is the official launch date for Apple's iPhone 5. In typical Apple hype, they officially released the specs one week before launch, putting an end to wild rumors throughout the technology community. If you are an Apple aficionado, upgrading to the iPhone 5 will be a knee-jerk reaction, but if you find yourself on the fence then check out what's new.

Tagged in: Gadgets Mobile Office

Intel has been conducting experiments that would make electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla proud. Intel plans to get consumers charged up over their newest technology that will allow laptops to provide electricity to nearby smartphones without cables. Enough with the electricity puns - we're just ecstatic about this new technology!

Tablet Cage Match: Nexus vs. Kindle

Posted by on in IT Blog

When making a tablet purchase for your business, there are many factors to take into account, such as portability, battery life, screen resolution and more. However, the most important factors are whether or not the device will actually help you get more done. Here are the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire tablets side-by-side for your comparison.

Is an Ultrabook Right for You?

Posted by on in IT Blog

First there were laptops/notebooks, then we saw the portable but not-so-powerful netbooks. Thanks to some new innovations by Intel, we're seeing a new class of laptop on the market that is both ultra-slim and ultra-capable.

Android Malware on the Rise

Posted by on in IT Blog

Android users may have some cause for concern. Considering its surging popularity, there is going to be a certain amount of rouge applications and other malware that targets the top iPhone OS. According to the popular anti-virus maker, Trend Micro, there are at least 20,000 applications that are malicious that target Google's Android OS. That is an increase of at least 400% since the beginning of 2012. By Christmas of this year, experts have given a conservative estimate that puts potential malware and rouge apps at around 150,000 different applications.

Microsoft Rises to the Surface

Posted by on in IT Blog

June 18 marked a banner day for Microsoft as they unveiled their long-awaited tablet 'Surface'. Microsoft is hoping that the productive compatibility of Surface will make successful bid to unseat Apple's iPad as long reigning tablet-supreme.

6 Tips for Working Better While Traveling

Posted by on in IT Blog

Modern technology makes it easy to get things done from anywhere, allowing employees to work while on the go. One of the caveats of working while traveling is keeping focused. Unlike sitting in the office where an employee can focus, traveling puts workers in busy airports, coffee shops, or poolside at a hotel. Here are a few tips to help you focus on tasks while on the road.

The Tablet Age

Posted by on in IT Blog

Think back a few years ago before the Apple ipad (if you are in the medical field, there is a good chance you'll relate to this). Remember back when "tablet" computers were essentially laptops sans-keyboard with little plastic styluses? Now kindergarteners are using tablets instead of chalk boards. What happened?

The BYOD Revolution

Posted by on in IT Blog

Today, your employees are more and more technologically empowered. With the consumer electronics market teaming with amazing gadgets and high-end devices, cool tech is no longer reserved for fancy geek toys. With employees bringing in their own smartphones and tablets, mobile security becomes a big concern for small businesses.

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