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The Joys of Server Migration

b2ap3_thumbnail_server_migration_400.jpgThere are times when a specific task is asked of a server requiring all of its data to be moved. When this happens, all the files and applications are transferred to another server unit in a fascinating procedure called server migration.

What's the Point of Server Migration?
Hard drives and server units don't last forever. Server units are prone to breaking down, and if they "kick the silicone bucket," then you won't be able to access its data--which is a major setback for any business. Therefore, there are times when a server unit must be replaced. This is where server migration comes in.

When the server is being worked on, it's not operational. A major server repair job is a setback for a business because companies need their server unit working in order to keep operations going. In extreme situations, an IT technician might migrate the data from the server being worked on to a temporary virtualized server--using either a server unit that's on premise, or one off premise that's virtualized. This way, operations can continue during the repair without skipping a beat. When the main server is fixed, the data will then be migrated back.

Server migration also takes place when a server unit is upgraded. It is the process by which the data on the old unit is moved to the new unit. Additionally, server migration is a helpful security precaution. If a server unit is compromised, the risk can be bypassed by migrating the data to another server. This will give the technician ample time to analyze the breached server unit and address the issue without forcing you to deal with days of downtime.

Server Migration and Data Backup and Recovery
Server migration is a big part of the data recovery process. When a server's data is backed up, it's stored on a network device, like a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution from Lighthouse Technology Solutions. A server's data can also be backed up over the cloud. A device like BDR utilizes both local and cloud data backup procedures. This way, if there's ever a serious disaster that affects your physical network, then you can still have access to your company's data. Server migration happens when the backed up data is moved to a server that's been fixed after a disaster.

In a BDR data recovery scenario, your company can continue to work by accessing your backed up data directly from the BDR. This is different than server migration. Accessing data from the BDR is what's known as server virtualization. There's a difference between server migration and server virtualization. However, it's possible to migrate the data from one virtualized server to another, which is what happens with data recovery. We hope this clears things up.

It's Best to Leave Server Migration to the Professionals
Attempting a server migration is not a simple process, there's a little bit more to it than hooking up two server units to each other. If something were to go wrong with the server migration process, then there's a good chance that data would be lost for good. This is why it's important to leave this delicate task to the professionals. Properly migrating server data requires someone that is familiar with the differences in server units and software. Before any data is ever moved, this specialized knowledge is applied to a mapping-out process, and plans for backing up the data and securing it during the transition process also must be made.

To have the professionals at Lighthouse Technology Solutions answer your questions on server virtualization, or to learn more about securely backing up your data with BDR, give us a call at 703-533-LTSI (5874).

With over 15 users experience of providing IT solutions and advice. Mixing innovations in technlogy with clients requirements is rewarding and inspiring when we sit down to measure the results.


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