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Posted by on in Security

Ghost Servers - Who Ya Gonna Call?

b2ap3_thumbnail_ghost_server_400.jpgEveryone has heard horror stories about the spirits of the dead lingering in this world. Every culture on this planet has different beliefs about the nature of these spectral beings. Not much is known about these beings, but people still believe without a doubt that they exist. In regards to technology, ghosts do exist, in the form of ghost servers.

With more and more companies migrating their servers to the cloud, they are leaving behind the carcasses of their old servers. They then become “ghost servers,” which are classified as unused or underutilized servers. What’s worse is that these servers continue to run in the background, and if your company isn’t careful, it could waste a lot of money by operating an underutilized server. It’s counterproductive and dangerous to your company.

One such IT horror story occurred in 2006 when someone hacked into the alumni database of Ohio University and could have potentially stolen 137,800 Social Security numbers. Nobody knew this server was still active, and due to this, no security patches were issued to it. This allowed hackers to compromise it and steal this valuable information. Of course, the question must be asked: how did nobody know that this server was still plugged in and active?

Ghost Hunting
The first step toward exorcising your network is to identify these ghost servers. If you recently relocated, or have moved to the cloud, you likely have ghost servers operating somewhere. The best way to locate them is to keep track of what your company is using, and where it is using it. Keep an inventory of all your systems and servers in place, and what they are being used for. If you've lost track of what device performs what action on your network, reach out to us to get a network assessment to map your entire network and organize it once and for all.

Of course, all businesses should be doing this in the first place, but sometimes companies run out of funds for an IT staff and they lack the resources to track these specters. Outsourcing your IT needs can help with this problem. Outsourced IT services from Lighthouse Technology Solutions can cut down on your payroll, and you can use the funds saved to hire marketing or sales staff to make your company more money.

We Mourn For Your Loss
Even when you find the ghost servers, there are specific steps you must take to ensure that they cannot be accessed by anyone. First, you must determine if it is necessary. If it is, you should consider virtualizing it to save time and money. Lighthouse Technology Solutions can assist you with virtualizing your server, but if you opt to let us host your data, we’ll monitor the system for you and you won’t have to worry about ghosts haunting your servers again.

If you find that the server is completely unneeded, it’s time to say goodbye to it. Let it move on and into the afterlife. Cut the cord (not literally) and separate it from its power supply, wipe the drives clean of any information that hackers could access, and stick it in a coffin for burial. It’s only when the server has been completely disconnected from the network, wiped clean, and removed from its location that it can finally rest in peace.

If you need assistance laying your unused servers to rest, Lighthouse Technology Solutions can be there to help you lower the casket into its silicone grave. We can host your data for you, and you’ll never be haunted by it again. We’ll also monitor your system and make sure that there is no unnatural presence lurking its shadows. Call 703-533-LTSI (5874) today and we’ll ensure you don’t get spooked!

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