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An Old Internet Explorer Can Harm Your PC

b2ap3_thumbnail_InternetExplorer-logo.jpgIf you never connected your PC to the internet, then you could get away with not updating any of your software. Do to the changing nature of the internet, new security threats are constantly attacking your computer. Internet browsers are your door to the internet and require constant updating in order to keep your PC protected from these threats.

The most popular web browser is Microsoft's Internet Explorer. More than ⅓ of internet users use Internet Explorer, mainly because it comes prepackaged with every Windows operating system. The good folks at Microsoft are probably proud of the fact that their browser is #1; but the way the internet works, the most popular applications are hacker's biggest targets. This means that there are many viruses and malware designed specifically to hit Internet Explorer, and an IE that is outdated will have a very weak defense.

Microsoft is aware of this issue and provides regular updates to Internet Explorer that will defend your PC against threats from the internet. These updates work by automatically downloading and applying security patches in an effort to stay one step ahead of hackers by closing the 'back door' to your sensitive information.

Some people may be resistant to software updates because they do not like change. Why update your PC if everything is working fine? Sometimes an update will add new features and change things up, but most of the time the changes are subtle and apply to making your software more secure.

Running the latest version of a software that is updated will act as a strong defense against computer viruses. Windows does not offer the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE 10) for older operating systems. However, Microsoft will still provide updates for older versions of IE. To make sure your PC is as secure as possible; we recommend that you spring for the latest version when you get the chance. It is worth pointing out that not every Windows OS can run the latest version of IE:

Windows XP: Cannot run IE 10 or IE 9.
Windows Vista: Cannot run IE 10.
Windows 7: Will support IE 10 in the near future.
Windows 8: Supports IE 10.

Aside from security issues, web browsers also need to be updated in order to keep up with the changing technologies of the internet. New ways to view content and surf the web are constantly being applied to the net. Browser updates make sure that you will be able to get the most out of the internet and be able to view everything.

Making sure your internet browser is keeping up with its updates is an easy task. Many browsers and programs, including IE, will even update automatically. Older software like Microsoft XP and IE 8 are still being supported and updated by Microsoft. It is important to know when the support dates on your favorite old programs expire. Without continued updates and support to your software, your entire PC will be at risk.

If you are looking to upgrade your old workstations, then give Lighthouse Technology Solutions a call at 703-533-LTSI (5874). We offer plans that will routinely cycle out your old computers for new ones; this will ensure that your hardware will always be able to handle the latest versions of software.

Updating your web browser is an easy task, keeping all of your software up-to-date can be a bit more complicated. Factor in multiple computers and workstations and it is easy to let a few updates slip through the crack, and a crack is all a virus needs to get through. Lighthouse Technology Solutions can help keep every one of your computers up-to-date with our flat-rate remote monitoring and maintenance services, which includes staying on top of your antivirus software. Don't take a chance with old technology, let Lighthouse Technology Solutions keep you current!

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