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BowerGroupAsia, Inc. (BGA) is a global company that has offices in over 8 countries (and we are still growing)! That said, we can’t afford to have an IT company that only works within the 9am-5pm/Monday through Friday timeframe. We needed a company that could provide round the clock service as well as a company that was able to deal with and understand the different facets of technology in other countries. We struggled a bit in finding the right IT company for our every expanding business until we met with the President of LTSI and found that not only does LTSI function around the clock – it also provides solutions for that age old problem of what to do with aging equipment and how to keep the staff working on new and up-to-date software and computers. We were incredibly impressed when the President of our company had a computer meltdown and LTSI was able to remote access into the computer, figure out the problem (which was halfway around the world) and find a solution -- so that the following morning the President of our company was able to get up and have a working computer again (when the night before he was concerned that he may have NO computer for the remainder of the trip!). BGA has been impressed with the friendliness, expertise, and dedication of LTSI. They get our vote ANYDAY!
Alexian Wines ( Chief of Staff , BowerGroupAsia )
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Before turning to Lighthouse Technology Solutions, Inc. (LTSI) we relied on in-house support and various IT firms for our computer support. We were continually struggling with our computers, our network and our backup routines. This was robbing us of valuable time in the office, and when we did turn to outside IT support it was never consistent, and the experience level of the representatives was very often questionable. After bringing LTSI on board, we were upgraded to a new server environment that is remotely monitored by LTSI 24/7 and our worries have disappeared. Adding new workstations or replacing computers used to be a significant chore for us. Now it is a breeze. LTSI takes full charge of this effort for us, ensuring that our upgrades are consistent with current technology, competitively priced, and appropriate for our needs. We no longer have to even think about our backup routine as it is monitored and maintained by LTSI for us in the background. If we need a file restored all it takes is one call to LTSI and the job is done. LTSI provides high quality service for us. We know that they “have our back” and we can therefore concentrate our time on providing services to our clients. I would highly recommend LTSI support and would be more than willing to discuss their services with anyone interested in doing so.
Richard Nadolski ( President , Total Business Services, Inc. Burke, VA )

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